Need a Name

Someone will be needing a new name. Click here for details and leave your suggestions there.

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Lost cell phone

UPDATE:  I now have a new cell phone.  You should no longer get the out of service message.


I lost my cell phone in the Las Vegas airport and had it turned off when I got back. I’ll give Southwest Airlines a couple days to find it, then I’ll get a replacement. Until that time, don’t bother calling my cell number because it’s not with me.


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Calling All Hofers

This past weekend my computer hard drive had a complete meltdown.  All of my data, including contact information was lost.  Of course, I had no recent back-ups.

Please email me your address so I can rebuild my database.  If you don’t, you won’t get any more winter solstice cards.

– frank

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I think I emailed this to each of you, but in case I missed you, I’m posting it here.  The Fogartys and the Hofers are buying this brick with grandpa’s name on it:  Diana and Kathy have already agreed to contribute, but I never heard from anyone else.

 If anyone wants to contribute to have grandpa’s name at Wrigley Field, let me know and I’ll collect your money.

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How To –

I posted this when we first moved to the new software, but according to my mother many people are confused about how to do things.  I’m moving this back to the top so people can find it again.

Let me know if you need your passwords resent to you.  Jim should also have them.


This post is a brief “how to” do some basic tasks in wordpress.

Your first task is to log on. Most pages have a section called “Meta,” and most “Meta” sections have a link called “Login.” Click on this link. It will ask for your login and password (I sent these to your email. Send me a request for one if you don’t have it. After you log in, you will be on a page called the dashboard. Note: If you don’t see a “Login” link on your page, you can get there directly. For example, will take you to the parent’s log in screen, and will take you to the dashboard. Obviously, change “elders” to your own page name.

There are several menu items across the top of the dashboard that will get you to anyplace you need to go. Not all of the menu items will work for you. I’ve set most of you up as “editors” on your pages. If you want “admin” privileges, please let me know. Keep in mind that with admin privileges you can screw stuff up, and then Jim or I have to fix it.

Writing a post: Click on “Write” from the menu or “Write a post” from the dashboard. This brings up the “Write post” page. Fill out the title and the text of your post, click on the “Publish” button, and your post is put on your page. You can also do things like assign categories (which you have to create yourself), change the author name, prevent comments, and so on. If you have any questions on this, let me know.

Posting a picture: Below the “Post” box is something called “Upload.” Click on the “Browse” button to bring up a new dialog box. Find your picture and click “Open”. Click on the “Upload” button on the bottom right (next to the “Cancel” button” to send your picture to storage. You’ll now see a couple more tabs to allow you to browse your pictures. Click on the picture your want to post. A small menu will appear. Click on “Using Thumbnail” to switch to “Using Original.” Click in the Post section where you want your picture to appear. Click “Send to Editor” on the pop-up menu. A common problem is for people not to change “Use thumbnail” to “Use original” and you end up with a tiny picture.

Comments: Comments are a bit more of a pain in the ass. You have to be registered with each page in order to post comments. It’s not that big a deal, but be aware. Also be aware that your comments won’t show up until the page’s owner approves them for display.

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Franks pics

Frank’s pictures feeding a rhino and a giraffe are here:

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I forgot to change the size of the posting box and turn off comment moderation for several blogs. If you find that the box you edit your posts in are too small, let me know and I’ll increase the size.  If you post a comment on someone’s site and it doesn’t show up, let me know that too.  Since we’ve added the character entry box for comments, the problem of spammers has been eliminated so we don’t need to moderate comments at this time.

Or I’ll go through and do everyone’s site tonight when I get home.

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You never write

I always know what’s going on in Frank’s world, but with my other brothers and sisters… not so much.

How can we convince you to write something once in a while (Katie’s back from school – still dating what’s his name, Nick and Kevin won their games, Yes – I’m still alive and working at Paris, Daniel has finally figured out what school he is going to — in a big surprise – it’s Liberty University, Bailey decided to do more than sniff or lick the other dog ash … you know, something like that.)

It’s that, or we might actually have to talk to one another once in a while, and we certainly don’t want that.

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If any of you want the latest version of the WordPress blogging software, and are willing to pay our tech support for the time it takes him to back up your site and install the new code, let me know.  About the only change that you’ll notice is that the editor will let you do color fonts and do some HTML tagging from the WYSIWYG editor. 

Also, do you want me to move the “latest entry” boxes on the right to above the main entries so you don’t have to scroll down to see who entered something?

Other suggestions?

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Comment Spam

I’ve added the authenticate code for comments that Jim found to all of the sites.  If you have any problems or want it removed, please let me know.  Also, if you change the way your page looks, the comments.php file must be updated, and I can help you do that.

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